For Workshops:


I make it a point never to miss one of Davina’s nutrition workshops. I’ve been to at least four or five and even though I have studied nutrition extensively myself, I always, always, each and every time come away having learned something new and inspired to put it into action. Davina does an amazing job in her workshops of presenting just the right amount of information in a way that is logical, actionable and purposeful. I have found her seminars to be a great opportunity to learn from her expertise and get motivated to step up my own family’s eating habits. We have made many, many changes at home as a result of what I’ve learned from Davina. Looking forward to the next workshop!

— Catherine, Chevy Chase, MD

I have attended many group nutrition sessions led by Davina Sandground of Nutrition Groove.  She possesses a wealth of knowledge on a broad range of topics relative to best nutritional practices for optimal health.  From the evils of sugar and other food additives to the excitement of deriving nourishment and super immunity from fresh, homemade food, Davina guides us by example through each session.  She has an unusual ability to show sensitivity to individual issues while staying focused on the needs of the group.  In addition, she discourages note taking—Davina’s sessions conclude with handouts and links to recipes and additional information.  Dietary changes are hard, but Davina leads with a positive approach, and she inspires success. We are always grateful to Davina for helping us along the path to great health.

— Sheila, Bethesda, MD

I have been attending Davina’s workshops for the past three years and they have been a real gift. I feel as though I’m getting a very intimate nutrition class where all my questions are heard and answered. Not only is Davina incredibly knowledgeable but she also has a gift in her ability to make complex subjects easy to understand. She manages to cut through all the minutiae and get to the core of the issue. I always come away inspired and feeling as though my money has been well spent!

— Participant


For Individual Counseling:


Like most women my age, I was concerned with energy, weight, and the general aging process. Nutrition seemed to play a vital role in all three. When I began my sessions with Davina, I wasn’t sure what the ultimate outcome would be; I did not even know what “integrative nutrition” really meant. But in addition to my “macro” concerns noted above, I needed to improve my strength, weight, flexibility, cholesterol, and over all health. After taking Davina’s program, I did indeed shed some pounds, but more importantly, I absorbed incredible nutritional and life enhancing skills. I do have more energy and I am more flexible. The sessions were always a pleasure. Davina is kind, extremely knowledgeable, passionate and so caring; sometimes it seems like she understands my temptations better than I. Even when I was bored with my own stories of giving in to “today’s seduction,” Davina was always fascinated and dedicated to reclaiming her wondering, wayward client. This in and of itself inspired me never to miss a meeting and stick (well, mostly stick) with the , I cannot recommend Davina more highly. I have embraced some life changes, and for the most part, stuck to them. That is a first, for me.

—  Marsha P., Washington, D.C.

I spent years as a “yo-yo” dieter and never felt good about it. With Davina as my incredible guide, I am now able to look at food in an entirely different way. I will never “diet” again. She has given me so much nutrition knowledge, from which my whole family has reaped the rewards. I feel great, I sleep well and I have doubled my energy level. I have definitely found my groove! Davina is a joy to work with and I treasured my time with her.

—  Lisa R, Bethesda, MD.

I work in a business where most nights, dinner is yet another slab of red meat at yet another steak house.  And eating like that took its toll.  I was too heavy, didn’t feel good, and didn’t like how I looked.  Davina taught me how to navigate those business dinners to meet my needs, and it has paid off.  I’m not intimidated by the menu, I know how to order what I need.  I have also carried that over to how I cook at home, and my family is eating more healthfully as well.  To be honest, it took a while for me to make these skills part of my daily habits, but now they’re part of me.  And now, there’s 35 pounds less of me!

—  Sue V, Washington, D.C.


“Davina Sandground helped me tremendously during a health crisis. As a result of the changes to my diet and lifestyle that she recommended, I’ve never been healthier. My cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation and body fat numbers have all improved dramatically, thanks to her. I highly recommend her for her expertise — plus she was a pleasure to work with!”

Mary Kate, Chevy Chase, MD


” My doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. I went to see a dietician who recommended some dietary changes which I followed but my blood sugar was still too high. I was introduced to Davina by a friend in D.C. At first, I was hesitant about working with her remotely but after the first session or two it couldn’t have been easier. Davina taught me how to eat in a way that was tailored to my unique needs. She also discovered that I was severely lacking in certain nutrients which hindered my efforts to stabilize my blood sugar. I’m not sure how long it would have taken for this to be discovered had I not started working with Davina. She recommended a few additional tests and started me on a very targeted supplement regime. Nine months later, my blood sugar is stable and I am no longer pre-diabetic! If you’re serious about changing your health for the better, Davina will help get you there.” Mike R, Miami, FL.