Group Workshops and Presentations

Choose a workshop or presentation for a group. These classes are fun and interactive. Keeping everyone’s interest is a priority. The information presented is always rooted in functional medicine and presented in a format that ensures it is easy to understand and absorb.


Choose from one of two options:

  • A class led by Davina on a particular topic from the menu below or one tailored to meet your needs. Classes last between 60-90 minutes depending on topic. Questions are encouraged throughout. All participants leave with a full set of notes.
  • A workshop with Davina and Sidra Forman (chef). Sidra will prepare recipes as Davina presents the information. All of the recipes prepared reflect the topic of the workshop. In addition to notes, participants will also receive copies of all the recipes. Workshops last 1.5 – 2.0 hours.

Group Presentations

Choose from the following :

  • Eating for Immunity: Food really is the body’s best medicine. Learn about foods that will boost your immunity. These powerful foods can help ward off sickness from the common cold to heart disease and certain cancers: We’ll explore how they work in the body and the best way to ensure you can incorporate them into your diet.
  • The Sugar Scoop: Our most popular class.  Are you one of those people who looks at the desert menu before you’ve decided on an appetizer? Do cookies call your name from the minute you enter the supermarket? Do you struggle with balancing your blood sugar even though you don’t eat actual sugar in any of its forms? How about mid-afternoon energy slumps? If you answered yes to any of the above, there’s a mighty good chance that you have a sugar addiction or at least crave it much more than you’d like to admit. Or maybe you have a family history of type 2 diabetes that you’d like to avoid? In this workshop we’ll explore sugar in all its forms, the root of sugar cravings and how to combat them. We will also examine the effects of sugar on your body along with all the nasty health issues that accompany them. Davina will teach how to balance your blood sugar and conquer those oh-so-powerful cravings.
  • Heart Health: Learn the myths and truths of heart health as we discuss the best ways to keep your ticker healthy and avoid heart disease. We hear so much information through the media that’s it becomes confusing and tough to know what to believe or do for the best! Davina will cut through it all and bust open some of the myths surrounding cholesterol. We’ll also cover diet, supplements, blood pressure and testing.
  • Calcium and Bone Health: In this class you will learn how to keep your bones strong and supple through diet. We’ll cover what really contributes to (and damages) bone health as we age. Learn about the pros and cons of the most common supplements used to support long-term bone health. We will separate myth from truth about what matters most in regard to minerals, vitamins, foods, exercise, hormones, and stress. You will leave feeling confident in your knowledge of how to avoid bone loss, or to manage or arrest it if it’s already happening.
  • Detoxification: It’s all the rage but what does your body need to naturally detoxify? What are toxins? How do they make their way into your body and how can you help keep their levels down? We’ll answer these questions and more. You’ll learn how to keep your body’s detoxification system humming along  efficiently on a daily basis by incorporating detoxifying foods into your diet and keeping common toxins out of your home.
  • Raw: The most advanced of all of our workshops (not for nutrition “newbies”). You’ve probably heard the term “raw and living foods” but thought you had to be a little extreme to experiment with them. This work shop will give you all the facts. Why should you care about incorporating raw foods into your diet and what are the health benefits? How much raw food do you really need in your diet? How do you add it in easily? What are the raw super foods? We’ll answer all of these questions and more.

Have another area of interest? Let us know and we’ll tailor a class specifically for you.

We have given workshops and classes at corporate offices, presented at school wellness days and at gyms, to small interest groups, at retreats, and even created birthday celebrations! Classes must have a minimum of 10 participants. Please send me an email for more information on pricing and available dates.